QLD Govt. commits $5bn for CopperString 2.0 to spark up mining

QLD’s highly prospective North West Minerals Province (NWMP) should experience increased mining activity and capital flows supported by lower power costs and other incentives.

Key Insights

  • The NWMP is one of the largest and most prospective regions for exploration and mining in Australia
  • Power costs represent a significant component of mine operating costs
  • Accessing the National Electricity Market (NEM) via CopperString 2.0 should lower power costs materially, improving feasibility of future mining operations
  • Govt. support for a range of common user infrastructure alongside improved access to geoscientific data has spurred growth in other mineral regions
  • The scale of QLD Govt. (AA+/Aa1) investment alongside strong commodity price signals should incentivise additional capital flow into NWMP exploration and mining activity
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